Paper Towel Roll & Pom Pom Challenge – Math For Kindergarten Games – Fun DIY Games to Play Inside


Paper Towel Roll & Pom Pom Challenge – Math for Kindergarten Games – Fun DIY Games to Play Inside💡 ages 3+ 💡 #preschooler #homeschool #diygames

This awesome game is so simple to make and tons of fun!
Materials needed:
* Empty paper towel rolls
* A shallow cardboard container (we used the bottom of a file folder box)
* Pom Pom-Glue-Permanent marker

What to do:
Start by cutting the empty paper towel rolls into 1.5 inch sections. Once you have 10 pieces cut, arrange them randomly inside the cardboard container. Be sure to leave enough room so the pom pom can roll between the pieces. Then lift each piece and place a small drop of glue under it and replace it back in the same spot on the container. Allow the glue to dry for about an hour. Once the glue is dry, write the numbers 1-10 on top of the pieces in random order. Finally, place the pom pom in the container and the game can begin.The object of the game is to get the pom pom to roll through all the numbered pieces in the correct order. For toddlers, they can practice rolling the pom pom around through the tunnels and identifying numbers.This game is great for fine motor skills, balance, coordination, counting and number identification.
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