Photon Networking Tutorial Series EP#04 | Remote Procedure Call (RPC) | Unity 2018


One of the more important features of Photon you’ll find yourself using more often, called “RPC (Remote Procedure Calls)”. Today we’ll be taking a look at this, and how it differs from direct data sending/receiving. An alternative to this is also available, called “Raise Event”.

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Difficulty: Intermediate

► Time-stamps:
= 02:05 – Intro
= 03:55 – Jumping into Code
= 05:22 – Raycast Shooting (Repeat)
= 06:55 – PunRPC
= 08:42 – Calling a RPC
= 09:11 – Photon Targets
= 14:13 – Testing

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  1. PhotonTargets doesnt seem to work anymore, if anybody is having a bit of an issue using PUN 2 try replacing PhotonTargets.(All) with RpcTarget.(All)
    Hope it helps someone

  2. it seems like you know quite a bit about photon. I'm new to Photon and just can't get around learning all the more advanced stuff. Is there some examples I could see or could you help me with a few questions?

  3. My amazing life saver, I was wondering if you could teach us supporters how to add any rigged hand models to a gun model.

  4. Can you make a tutorial in the fps series were you show how to make zombie AI like the one in the fps game you made a few years ago.

  5. thank you so much man, you de-mistified this shit totally for me, now ill totally destroy this shit in my game. thnks again

  6. Hello! I have a question, how could I do it so that when the first person connects, the first object is instanced and when another one is connected, the second object is instanced instead of the first one?

  7. Hello. I represent a company called Oujoulia who have been planning and have started development of a new Moba. The project is rev-share and I just wanted to see if you were interested in working with us. If interested you would be a great asset to us as you have a knowledge of how to use photon . Thanks.


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