Print & Play #09: Delve The Dice Game


Join Andy and his party of adventurers as they face the perils of ‘Delve The Dice Game’ by Drew Chamberlain.

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  1. The different characters having different amounts of hit points seems meaningless, since you can choose who gets hit. In reality, it's 9 'party hit points', and after that each hit kills someone.

  2. Just discovered your print & play videos that I am a fan of and I also love solo games. d
    Great video, so I printed this game, played and won on my first try; beginner's luck, I guess! 🙂

  3. I think the kobolds, in this video, should have had 8 dices when they had 8 hitpoints left. Only the dragon has the maximum limit set to 6 dices, but also get 6 dices however few hitpoints. "For your opponents, roll a six sided dice for every unchecked box"

  4. Was actualy an interesting solo game, I wasnt suprised when you said you had tried it twice before & this was your 1st win, seems a player needs to have a bit of luck & to roll well when they get to the treasure room. Reminded me a bit of Yahtzee. Great video

  5. And if you want to play around Halloween, try my version of Delve called The Haunting of Laura Lane.

  6. Hi, I have recently discovered your postings, working my way through Wrath of Asharalon, great stuff, keep up the good work, looking forward to the other posts 🙂

  7. Thanks for the video Andy. I thought the giant was going to finish off your party and then your cleric performed a miracle! Perfect timing there and a fun run you had there.


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