Hey you ever wonder what it’s like for a shark to chase you around for 24 hours straight in a survival game? Well Raft is that game bro

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So today i decided to give the Hardcore survival game Raft a go. This is a survival game about a shark where you are litteraly being hunted by it on a raft. This is a multiplayer game but i played it single player. I tried to find some tips and tricks on it for example how to eat how to drink water but couldnt so i had to learn everything on my own. Legit this game is so fustrating, i heard there’s Bears and other animals that you could explore as well besides just sharks. I did see Markiplier play this which is why i wanted to try it out, it seems really interesting. If yall want more just let me know fam.

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  1. Yes i am well aware that i gotta start making longer videos then 10-13 mins. But i spend way to much dam time editing and having fun and i end up always cutting them short. I'm working on getting out longer videos 😅

  2. Fade you're keeping me entertained during this quarantine and you're the best youtuber and i think you should make this into a series because it's really funny and keep up the good work

  3. There's a game called "The Forest" you should make a series on it, ik it sounds wack but at least take a look at the game


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