Save The Girl Game ASMR 4K – Stop Motion Paper


Save The Girl Game ASMR 4K – Stop Motion Paper
Do you know the Save The Girl game? Let’s see how the Stop Motion Paper channel overcomes this challenge!

Welcome to Stop Motion Paper Channel!
I hope you have a great time when enjoy movies.
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Producer & Director & Scriptwriter – Hoa Duong
Animator – Dung Nguyen
Editer & Sound designer – Huong Pham
Production Designer – Hoa Duong
System Developer – GT Tran

Copyright by HFL JSC.


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  1. This so reminds me of Mario. The plant. I so love your animation. How long did it take to film it? How did you cut out the characters so perfectly? oh my god. Your animation is one of the best I've seen. Much better than mine. I know for a fact that your going to have a successful channel. Love it.


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