Check it Out
Cheeky Chocolate and Apple Blossom try to get Kooky Cookie to come out of her shell, but will she make the jump in the Shopkins Leap Off?


Welcome to Shopville, home of the Shopkins! Get ready to go on an adventure with all your favorite Shopkins, Shoppies and Shoppets! There’s always plenty of new shopping delights and fun to discover so keep checking back. …Once you shop, you can’t stop!



Acting Up
Apple Blossom and Lippy Lips try to teach Strawberry Kiss the fine art of acting, but will she succeed or fall flat on her face?

Loud and Unclear
Cheeky Chocolate tries to play a trick on Apple Blossom and Strawberry Kiss, but will it work or will her friends figure it out?

Apple Blossom and Cheeky Chocolate invent a fun new game in the aisles of Shopville! Spilt Milk is up first, but will she win the game?

Frozen Climbers
Cheeky Chocolate, Apple Blossom and Strawberry Kiss are climbing a HUGE frozen, icy mountain but will they make it to the top?!

Chop, Chop
Cheeky Chocolate shows off her karate moves to Apple Blossom and Lippy Lips. Stay tuned to see if she is the ultimate karate master!

Breaking News
Shopville is in chaos, but don’t stress, Apple Blossom brings you a special report live from Shopville to keep you up to date!

Beauty Pageant
Kooky Cookie and Strawberry Kiss strut their stuff on the runway to be crowned “Miss Shopville”

Christmas Sing Along
Get into the Christmas spirit and sing along with the Shopkins team! Can you match Lippy’s high notes? And look out for the newest member of the Shopkins team!

Pop Goes the Babysitter
Burnt bagels and muffins – How will Toasty Pop survive babysitting Dum Mee Mee?

Lovers Day
Will Lippy Lips, Kooky Cookie and Strawberry Kiss fall for Slick Breadstick’s charm?

The Big Cheeky Hunt
Who will find Cheeky Chocolate and win the grand prize in the annual Shopkins “Cheeky Hunt”?

Shopkins of the Wild
Ever wonder what the Shopkins get up to in their natural habitat? Lippy Lips has the documentary for you!

The mysterious Shopkin appears from the shadows helping Shopkins in need—but who could it be?!?

The Mystery of the Doors
The mysterious doors open to a new world. What is out there? What will the Shopkins find?!

Welcome to Shopville
Welcome to Shopville! Is it everything you have dreamed of plus more!?

Fashion Fever
Someone in Shopville has fashion fever! Watch now to see who it is!

The Spatula
Which Shopkin will get Slick Breadstick’s coveted rose on the season finale of “The Spatula”?!

When the clouds over Shopville start to crumble and tear, that can only mean one thing—Halloween is in the air!

Shopping Cart Rally
Get ready for the race of your life with the Shopkins! Who will win the ultimate race in Shopville?

Fashion Frenzy
Shady Diva is back in Shopville with a brand new fashion collection! Watch now to find out what it is!

The Shopkins cannot decide where to go on a Vay Kay. Suzie Sundae and Apple Blossom would love to relax and Strawberry Kiss loves the snow! But Cheeky Chocolate has a different type of Vay Kay in mind!

12 Days of Shopkins
Merry Christmas from the Shopkins! Let Apple Blossom sing you a Christmas tune in Shopville! All of your favorite Shopkins are celebrating plus a special Petkin has arrived just in time for a very Shopkins Christmas!

Kooky Monroe and the Shopkin Shadow!
Cheeky Chocolate and Lippy Lips are having a fun movie night…until something spooky appears!

Free as a Strawberry
The Shopkins are in full flight in Shopville! Can Strawberry Kiss really fly a plane?

No Pain, No Gain!
Who will be the marathon champion of Shopville!? Cheeky Chocolate and Toasty Pop go head to head!

Shopkins Holmes
Kooky Cookie has gone missing! Can you help the Shopkins Holmes and Cheeky Watson find Kooky in the Small Mart?

X Marks the Shop
AAARRREE you ready for an amazing Shopkins adventure? Dive right in to the latest Shopkins webisode for some serious Shopkins fun! Shiver Me Timberrrrs!

Fair Weathered Friends
Don’t let the bad weather burst your bubble, make the most of the awesome wind! Plus someone new has blown into Shopville! Who is it?

A Piece of Cake
Guess whose birthday it is in Shopville! Are you ready to see the best birthday cake ever!?

Lost and Hound (Complete)

Swing Vote (Complete)

The Shopville Games (Complete)

Power Hungry (Complete)

Silly Season (Complete)



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