Skyriders Trailer – iOS/Android/Ouya versions out now!


Skyriders – Mobile and Ouya versions out now!
Update – Sept 24th 2013 – Skyriders is now out on Ouya, too – and it’s free!

App Store (iOS):
Google Play (Android):
Ouya: Search for ‘Skyriders’


Code/Art/Design: Dave Reed (@bluescrn,
Music: Dustin Kulwicki (@kwix29,

Inspired by classic games of the past, such as Trailblazer, Sky Roads, and STUN Runner, Skyriders is a high-speed mix of platforming and racing!

Navigate progressively trickier tracks, whilst trying to maintain your boost streak for big scores – which requires careful flipping between yellow and red, to grab the matching colour stars!

On iOS and Android, the game can be controlled by a choice of either tilt steering, or two on-screen button layouts. Also supports the iCade Mobile controller.

The game features 40 stages over 5 varied zones. The last stage of each zone is an extra-long ‘Challenge Stage’ – where you must try and get through the entire zone – joined up into one long stage – in one go – giving an opportunity for massive scores for skilled players!

Game Center achievments and leaderboards are included on iOS (Swarm achievements/leaderboards on Android)

The game runs at a super-smooth 60fps on newer devices, with antialiasing too on iPad2/iPhone4S and above.

The mobile versions are currently the priority, but Skyriders also runs nicely on PC. The game has a Steam Greenlight page here:

Thank you to those that have helped out with testing/feedback!


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  1. All of the music is available for free on my bandcamp, you can find a link in the description, or you can just google 'k-wix bandcamp'.

  2. It runs great on an iPhone 5 – I've had one for a couple of weeks now, had a build running at 1136×640 (@60fps with 4x antialiasing) – but I can't get it through an Apple submission until the Marmalade SDK is updated to use iOS SDK 6.0 – and that should be happening any day now!

    As for the jumping – yes, it's a little floaty – but that's mostly by design, to allow big double-jumps/jump-pad jumps when needed – there's not much animation involved – it's mostly down to the game physics

  3. This is going to look amazing on the iphone 5.

    The jumping mechanic looks a little too floaty. It would be cool if you gave the animation a tweak to make the craft have some weight to it.

  4. Yep, the soundtrack will be released on bandcamp over the next few weeks. Just keep an eye on my website as the link will be there.

  5. Keep an eye on the musician's website (link in the description). I believe he's planning to release the soundtrack once the game is out, but I'm not sure exactly when or where!


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