Slyder Adventures – Free Ride Walkthrough (Exploration Mode Level 2.8)


A walkthrough for Free Ride – level 8 on Exploration Mode in Boffo’s World (with all food).

I’m making these walkthroughs for a game I loved as a kid so that it isn’t lost to history. Download Slyder Adventures by Sandlot Games here:

If you also know this game please leave a comment or post in the “Discussion” tab on my channel – I’d love to speak to someone else who knows about this game!

If you want to download this game, I’d recommend using this link:
It’s still working (as of the 15th May, 2020). It gives a 60 minute free trial before having to pay 6.99 USD for the entire game – they’ll email you a 19 digit access code.
If you do use this link, make sure that the file sad.exe (Slyder ADventures.exe) is not getting auto-blocked by a firewwall – it’s not malicious but as it”s so old it might be perceived as such!
Be careful if you do not use this link – some downloads may actually contain viruses.

I am also cataloging information about this game here:


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