SNES Longplay [388] Incantation


Played by: xRavenXP

Longplay of Incantation, a plataform game release in 1996 by Titus Software for SNES.
The protagonist is one wizard. The mission at every stage, is that you need to find three magic feathers, or can not pass the stage because a huge orc prevents its passage at the end of each stage.

This game has graphics until well done, but the game is very unsalted and don’t have many features. The character has no name, the game has no story or cutscenes, the bosses are repetitive and the impression is to be playing a beta or prototype game. I ask myself and everyone: it really is a full game? No! The Titus never had a good reputation with players, therefore this company deserved close the doors, Titus is now defunct.
This game had potential. But they were unable to make a consistent game!
This is just a game with a mage! Just like that!


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  1. One of the strangest games of my childhood… but I still like Titus! Mainly because of Lamborghini and publishing the Evil Zone in the west.

  2. I remember when I had the tape of this it was exceptionally amazing incredible for me but i thought the levels a little hard to get through even he second on the rain when you need to go jumping along the way taking care of youself for not falling down, but the bosses seemed to be same and just the colors of them changed.

  3. I'm surprised to see people trashing this game. I didn't even know about this game until yesterday. Grew up playing all three donkey kong games along with super Mario world and I wish I would've knew about this game back then because I would've played it constantly.

  4. Incarnation is one of the most under appreciated games of all time. It inspired later games that we all consider absolute treasures, like Halo, Diablo, and Mario Kart 64.

  5. Both, this and Super Cauldron were developed by Titus, and I wonder if there was is a connection between those two games. Some levels even look strikingly similar, like the snowy city near the end. Could Incantation have started as either a port or a sequel to Super Cauldron?

  6. vc não encontrou o poder do missil teleguiado? fica muito facil derrotar os inimigos e os chefes da metade do jogo pra frente.

    didnt you found the guided missile power? Its so much easier to beat the game with it.

  7. XrAVENxp – good job! You're actually pretty good at this gameplay (unlike some of the other scrubs who upload vids not to be mean xD… okay let's be fully mean! they suck!)

  8. It somewhat reminds me of Mystic Quest, which obviously is vastly superior.
    That said, it doesn't look /that/ bad, just incredibly generic.

  9. Graphically it doesn't look like a SNES game I mean if you compare it with previous plateform games, the design is shoddy, the enemies are drew haphazardly, the boss of the first level 2:21 is awful, in the opening the boy has blonde hair but during the game his hair are brown
    The ending is old fashioned, "text endings" were current in the late 80's and early 90's (Amiga) 
    I downloaded the rom and it's boring, it's mix of Mr Nutz, Super Mario and Rayman, really I prefer "Whirlo"
    Nintendo made far better games

  10. I love the level consistency in this game, from rocky mountains to cave made of screaming, agonizing souls, followed by jungle area.


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