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Speccy is a helpful tool that permits you to view what is going on inside your PC. The application permits you to view very detailed reports of every part of your PC and also true time temperature. If you are having problems with your system Speccy can take snap shots that you can share with others to support diagnose and solve the issue.

Speccy program is simple to handle. When you speccy download, install, and run this system information tool, Speccy will analyze your PC hardware. This process executes every time you run the software. Thus, it ensures that the program detects freshly installed hardware.

Speccy Full Demo – Download Free Here

Speccy is able of identifying all peripheral gadgets linked to the PC. The peripherals contain mouse, keyboards, printers, web camera, etc. it can also identify the driver files of the linked hardware. The Speccy SIW program will show the path to the drive file on windows.

Speccy reveals complete details of the network card installed on your PC. It shows the below detail:
• Adapter type
• Subnet mask
• IP address
• HDCP or Gateway server

If WiFi hardware is found, Speccy wills show frequency, SSID, security type, signal strength and many other details. This program will also share details of other WiFi access points accessible at the same place.

Speccy Full Demo – Download Free Here

Speccy provides you a complete insight of the OS. It checks if a security program has been installed or not.
This apps shows the below helpful info of Window OS:
• OS type (32 or 64 bit)
• Installation time
• Computer type i.e. notebook or desktop
• Serial number
• User account control
• Battery type, state, charge level
• Don’t framework, power shell, IE version
• Installed hot fixes, etc
The motherboard section will make you alert of the motherboard producer, chipset version, model no, connected PCI components, the chipset vendor, accessible PCI slots and many other helpful details.

Speccy will make users alert of the cylinder, LBA size, man/min transfer speed, heads, RAID level, firmware edition number of the storage hardware.

Speccy, the top system information tool can keep the system snapshot to the storage gadget. Saved snapshots can be unlocked for future reference.

It can keep the system details as a XML or text format file. It can also print the details showed in the interface.

Speccy specs an option tools in which you can replace the program default language from English or any other of your choice. The options utility lets you replace the temperature metric from Celsius to Fahrenheit. It permits users to arrange UAC warnings for Windows.

Speccy Full Demo – Download Free Here
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