Spine 2D Game Animation Showreel 2018 – DucVu FX


Spine 2D is the powerful sofwere to make 2d animation for game and this is my first animation showreel using Spine 2D. But it’s not free and i don’t know another free tools for create awesome animation

Please take a look and let me know which tools are free you know
► Spine 2D Animation rigg
► This is a short video show you how i setup bones and IK for character’leg
► If you are interested in this all FX , pls comment what you think , send me a message or contact me with : vungocduchd@gmail.com

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  1. Hello. I have seen some videos you shared online. You are so amazing! Very few people use Spine so perfectly! If you have time. Couldn't you kindly reply me some questions about Spine? I don't understand how to use Point attachment even though I have read the user manual. Is the Point attachment used as particle emitter? Or would you have any suggestions about how to use it? Thank you so much!

  2. this is mainly for character animation in 2D games. there is some free once out there, but not the best.
    Nice work

  3. Hi DucVu I recommend u Anima2D in Unity editor. It is free but I am not familiar with it coz I am not a designer.

  4. So cool. I insist, make some begginers tutorial to spine, or the entire process of designing and then making one animation for a character. It would be so nice!


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