STOP saying I DON'T LIKE IT: Polite Advanced English Vocabulary


Learn how to politely say “I don’t like it” in daily conversational English. Be polite and use these top 20 expressions to express negative feelings in English.

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  1. If I offered you a drink that you didn't want, how would you politely tell me that you don't like it? Let me know in the comments! 😊Continue learning English with me by downloading my free ebook "5 Steps to Becoming a Confident English Speaker" 👉 ❤️

  2. Hlo mam. You are really good teacher.i always watch your videos. Your way of teaching very different from other. I like your expretions as well as voice.

  3. Hi vanessa teacher my name is nilantha mathota from srilanka i have learn lot from your lessons thank you

  4. Hi. Ma'am vanessa .
    I really enjoyed watching your videos, it was a great help for me because I'm not good enough in speaking English.

  5. Thank you, Vanessa, your lessons are really helpful!

    I liked the phrases "I'm not really a .. person" and "It doesn't really do anything for me". And I'm using sometimes the phrase "It was.. interesting" in negative case.
    Have a nice day!

  6. Thank you very much. You are the most interesting tutor I've ever meet. Your facial expression always makes me relaxed. 🙂

  7. Thank you, angel! But they keep mean said that to me… because I not well talk English… I feel sad, hate myself, alone, cry all time… if they don’t like me but I still love them… and I hope you be safe!

  8. Polite expression to say I DONT LIKE
    It was interesting
    It was eye-opening
    It was different
    It was an experience
    Ex it was different but … if u know what I mean !!!!!
    《 I dont want it 》
    I'm not really into it
    I'm not (really ) crazy about it
    It's not for me
    I'm not really a big fan of it
    I will pass
    I've had enough of it
    It's not (really) up my alley
    It's not (really) my cup of tea
    Its not (really) my thing
    Casual : It's not my style/ jam
    Its doesn't really do anything for me
    I dont really care of it
    I'm not really a ………person ex
    I'm not really a rock person


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