The Bombardiers + Max Mobility + VOID Battery (Armored Bomber) | Destiny 2 Season of Dawn Build


this may be the best build when it comes to dealing with Shotgun Apes. Today we are looking at the combination of The Bombardiers + Max Mobility + Void Battery, giving us the Destiny 2 Build Armored Bomber. Enjoy!
#SeasonofDawn #D2Builds

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  1. Come by our Discord and feel free to drop any build ideas you have!

    dude..I mispronounced this exotic wrong in this ENTIRE VIDEO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Edit: Void Battery does double the cooldown, but at T10 Mobility, you still looking at 18 second cooldown, which isn't bad at all.

  2. [BOM] + [BUH] + [DEER] emphasis on last sylable. Pretend that "r" doesn't exist. Luv yer channel and builds. Please do an easy to play Titan. Maybe I didn't eat enough crayons as achild lol.

  3. It’s not that it’s necessarily bad it just suffers from bungie syndrome, there are overwhelmingly better choices.

  4. Level 10 resilience is quite gud for soloing rhe shattered throne… Especially morgeth… Just place a barricade behind the pillar and u can wait for your super to come back

  5. Aztec you are the funniest guy I’ve ever seen on YouTube. You have amazing build ideas, and you present them in the most humorous ways. Keep up the amazing videos man. I love the accent you have, it’s really cool.

  6. If one eye has dropped off, get a check done for post LASIK Keratoconus. This happened to me. It's when the cornea is too weak and it needs to be strengthened by a procedure called cross linking. Seriously, get it checked. It can continue to get worse.

  7. You are faster with lightweight weapons and max mobility since mobility doesn't affect sprint speed and lightweight does, AND you have moving target on your spare rations which boosts strafe speed even further.

  8. You solving the puzzle?heck no! I have games to play. .. but the community is coming together , awesome now can we have the sword please

  9. Aztecross, your comments on invis thought you might be interested in a video I did on all the ways invisibility works. Might help you deal with an Stealthy hunter in the future.

  10. Why hate hunters? It’s not our fault that titans are titans and warlocks have handheld.

    Oh yeah, and we have one sticky that’s on our weakest class.

  11. I love your vids always got me rolling 🤣🤣 plus being a Hunter main you always give me the best fun in pvp, I've been waiting for this vid since I got my bombardiers. I just noticed though that for a titan main you do a lot of Hunter builds 😂😂 which I'm alright with much love great job as always 👍👍

  12. This is good. But I feel like much more of a dick. I use rat king, top tree hunter, distribution mods and to top it of you graviton forfeit. This results in almost permanent invisibility. Dodge go invisible, strike from the shadows with rat king, reload and invisible. Running out of that invisibility? Just dodge again. And the forfeit makes the invis feel forever. A spider climbed onto my screen whilst playing like this. It was a sign to stop. Now if I get the rat king catalyst…spiders will fall from the sky


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