The Game That Changed My Life : "Impressive Title"


Hey guys! Thank you so much for watching! I hope this video was interesting, and taught you something new!

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  1. oh my god… i could cry. i had such a similar experience as you did with impressive title and was so utterly crushed when it was shut down. i remember looking forward to feral hearts but… it didn't capture me the way impressive title had. i had NO idea impressive title still had any sort of community at all. im downloading tribes of wild as i type this and hope it doesnt make my computer bluescreen because i… i gotta experience this again. thank you so much.

  2. I've heard about this game in I think 2019 I wish I can play the old version even though I've never played it before

  3. I found this video after having browsed on Steam to see some knock off, crap game called "CerealSoup" (that is similar to games like Impressive Title but this one had veeeeery negative reviews). It reminded me of when I played on Dragon's Den so I went searching on YT for memories xD … does that one even still exist? Last I recall DD got scrapped due to drama and one of the owners played victim while everyone teamed up on the other. I didn't bother to stick around to see the end of the drama, I kinda just noped out.
    Eventually I grew out of games like this anyway because the communities started to become more like High School (as in having cliques) as people got older. Most didn't really care to interact with people outside their friend group and mods played favorites… I was never into people who act like that.

    I do kinda miss DD though… Sucks that games like this either straight up end or the community no longer feels like a community.

  4. I remember playing this. I also played a lot of Feral Heart and Wolf Soul. Nowadays I hang on Cereal Soup.

  5. I actually played this game, i remember the good memories 😅 i was really sad when i couldn't play anymore 😔

  6. I played Impressive World for two years and then migrated to Last Moon. I have more nostalgia for Impressive World even though I played LM for longer. I miss IW more than any game I've played.

    Edit: I got into Feral Heart first. I miss the warrior cat and Lion King roleplay stuff a lot. Now it's full of realistic wolf pack RPers :/.

  7. I never got to play Impressive Title sadly, but I was apart of the Feral Heart community. I spent every second of the day On that game when I was younger, omg. It was the only thing I ever did!

    I found FH after playing Wolf Quest, I had heard about impressive title first but it had already been shut down. I have played on K.I.T.O Servers though, Dragons den was definitely one of them! I wish there were more fun games like these now, So simple <3 So much memories!

    And as you said, not much to the game, but man I can 100% agree with you saying that such a simple game, with no real goal but to be creative, It definitely changed my life and made me the person I am today! And I too made Quite a few friends on there, one of Which I met irl as well!

  8. Exactly my thoughts! Maaan I feel so lucky to be a part of the old IT. I miss it so much! I tried a lot of new servers including Feral Heart, however, the feelings from the old version were always much stronger. It was that phase of my life when I started drawing felines and as you said, my imagination just bursted and grew into what I am now. Dang it, I must try that Tigg's server! 🙂 Thank you so much for this video, those memories!<3

  9. I used to make maps for this game! It was surprisingly easy. It was a fun time.
    Fun fact, back when I first played it I didn't know english all that well yet so I genuinely though that "Impressive Title" is some kind of a profound name.

  10. I played it too in 2009 I still have big nostalgia while hearing the soundtrack from it. It was my first multiplayer game I have ever played 😀 This is such ooold video I cried a lot 😀

  11. The drama surrounding both games with the staff and centellio/ cent the hacker etc lol
    Also last moon seems like a better successor than tiggs stuff but they do awesome work

  12. ah, impressive title… the "LION RP AT DIM 29" announcements… rps that actually stayed and worked out… will miss those times…

  13. God I remember IT it was so fun and it was sad when it died. But when FH was released I made sooo many friends and was apart of many big rp groups. I remember looking up to the creator of the game and wanted to be like him one day he well to put it simply crushed that dream wont go into detail. But it was awesome to be apart of it all. Years later when Dragons Den came out I fell in love with that for a while. To this day I wish I could back to those times so many good memories.

  14. "Back when deviantart was actually a good website".
    Yeah… Sometimes the best things in life are unpolished & jerry rigged with duct tape.

  15. god, i used to play this game all the time when i was 10-12 back in around 2011-2013? i used to play on impressive title reborn, then to impressive world, and then finally sanctum of eventide. i stopped playing and soe got shut down but man that server was good. i tried to get back into dragon's den in 2017?, made some great friends! but it sizzled out for me and them eventually. this game has so many memories near and dear to my heart, i wish a great new server would come about and make it SURGE with popularity again.

  16. Yes, finally someone talks about these games, they were my childhood too! I remember playing a little of Impressive Title, but I have a lot more memories in Impressive World, though. IW had a lot of active players and I guess it was somewhat similar to IT, never knew it those had something in common, I didn't understand English or Russian at time. x'D I remember that killing a dragon would give you a rare item, the particles ones, ooo the memories. Sanctum of Eventide also was another really active server when IW closed for some years. IW is open, bit it makes me sad how empty it is.

    I miss having fun with these games, now I can't for some reason ;w; They changed my life as well, met a lot of people that changed my course for good, and thanks to them I keep drawing and drawing until now! Thank you for sharing this!

  17. I am proud to be part of IT community too, it changed my life and exactly! The creativity – possibility to make presets, this game is what gave a huge wave to create the furry community. I found many artist friends through this game. I've always loved and admired the work of Tigg. Her videos, maps, presets of old IT. Was thinking to do this kind of video too, but actually I have no one to do this for right now. I don't have big community of fans.

  18. the game that changed my life (exposed me to furrys, *and other things, so bad eek*) is animal jam, xD back in the day i played it and also impresive title!!

  19. i would love to try out KITO and Dragons den but im scared to i tried out FH once and gave my laptop a virus and killed it. However i dont ever plan on complaining to the developer cuse i dont feel it was intentional but sadly it has made me not trust games that are on there own web sight as appose to on something like steam for example tho even some of those games i find to be scatchy like Stare Stable Online, it was doing odd things like telling me my password was always wrong when loging in and made my pc all glichy so out of fear i quicly deleted it dispite how much i was liking the game.

  20. This is exactly how I felt with Feral-heart, which I joined when I was 13 in 2012, however, in 2016 or 2017 they remade Feral-heart and got rid of all of the old maps, and now all of the new maps look so close to one another, and most of the community quit. It doesn't seem that many new people are joining either since Feral-heart has had registration closed, only opening at random intervals for the lucky members who notice. The old feral-heart honestly was my life away from the real life I had, which wasn't miserable necessarily, just boring. I created my first OC on there (I was into wolves though, not lions, and to this day I still use the same OC and name on many forums and IT games I try and play) and I created a pack where there were over 100 active members in. Unfortunately, none of the IT games, nor the new version of Feral-heart can ever become a true replacement for the old FH game I loved and made lots of friends on, and unfortunately I'm no longer in touch with many of them.
    Although I still swing by FH and Dragons Den every once in a while for nostalgia, I never stay on longer than an hour because there's hardly anyone on anymore.

  21. I consider myself an og. I loved it, I didn't have lots of friends there, i had a few tho. I have scrounged around for awile from time to time, searching for servers. I've basically played them all lmao.

  22. This Is s touching story. It is one of the worst feelings in the world knowing that one of the most important things in your life is disappearing and all you can do in the end is watch…this hits home for me somehow, but I think I've forgotten….

  23. You can download the source, compile it and run your own server. I do not recommend it if you have no community to play with. 😛

  24. Hello, I just came across your video by Google searching this games as I was wondering if it was still going. I too enjoyed this game when I was young, sad to see that it closed down 🙁 but yes, I agree it was not the best thing in the world but it had a charm to it that fans could not resist. Thank you for the memories 😊

  25. i don't even know how i got to this video. i don't follow any furry channels (despite being one) yet I got this video reccomended to me? but im glad i did because, while i did not play impressive TITLE, i played impressive world, a game that i assume was closely modelled after the original and oh my god i feel SO much of what you feel here. the nostalgia and longing, the fun and adventures, the creativity, the drawing, etc… this game really is a big influencer on who i am today and im so glad i watched this because it's the first time ive seen someone else feel like how i do. definitely gonna give tigg's game a look, btw

  26. While i never played impressive title, i played feral heart a lot as a kid. Im really sad they changed the maps though

  27. its so interesting hearing other peoples stories about IT. makes me glad everyone who played impressive title had such good experiences with it 🙂

  28. You could make custom maps in IT, too, but I forget what the exact process was, besides that it involved height gradients- like black and white images, white being higher and black being darker. I made a map that was like, a cave/den for a pride, and I thought I might try roleplaying in it, because I liked RPing on forums, but I ended up not committing to it. It was a little intimidating. I didn't start RPing in MMO environments until many years later in GW2. I vaguely remember messing around in Feral Heart but not as much as I did in IT.

  29. This game honestly change my life too and I miss it so so much, it’s the most niche game I’ve ever come across and also the one game that got me through depression and loneliness

    On top of that I loved learning the float code and present box code and freaking people out with it aaa

    I was there on the last day too, literally worst day of my life tbh, FH was alright but it had nothing on IT


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