The Main Squeeze – Game of Thrones Theme (Live at Red Rocks)


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Corey Frye – Vocals (@fryezwiththat)
Maximillian – Guitar (@maxamillionpictures)
Smiley – Keys (@smilehighmusic)
Rob Walker – Bass (@j_walkin513)
Reuben Gingrich – Drums (@reubengingrich)

The Main Squeeze
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Video produced by ABIS Productions

Directed by Sam Radutzky and Josh Freund
Edited by Sam Radutzky
Camera Operators – Sam Radutzky and Josh Freund
Additional video footage by
Front of House Audio – Jonathan D. Allee
Mastered by Reuben Gingrich –



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  1. Don’t get me wrong, it’s dope that y’all are at Red Rocks, which is the best venue I’ve ever been to. But I just feel like I’d rather see y’all in a small club, in the dark, with lots of lights and shit. Just more intimate. I’m not trying to get pregnant at Red Rocks.

  2. Without a doubt….one of the most exciting new guitar players I have heard in a long time. All hail Emperor Maximillian! The rest of the band is great as well!! Keep chasing it guys…

  3. You do not get enough views, i hope to god you earn a living doing this because you guys fucking ROCK! Seriously i have not heard you do ONE bad thing

  4. OMG YASS Red Rocks is the perfect location to whip this out, looks just like Dragonstone! I need so much more of this jam it's so goooood!

  5. You guys are my new favorite band. You rock and that's that. With the keys and the ability to cover just about anything, I would really love to hear you guys cover some Classic Yes. Thank you in advance.

  6. I have never seen Game of Thrones, never heard the main theme but my ears have been blessed to listen to it for the first time from this amazing band! Love The Main Squeeze

  7. yes, using your spotlight for good! keep going you guys rock and are super friendly (I met you at a festival in Ohio 3 years ago)


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