The Shooting Show — musk ox in Greenland and CLA Game Fair highlights


First, we trek to Greenland to capture some footage never before seen on British screens: A musk ox stalk not far from the Russell Glacier. Sporting Rifle magazine’s Thomas Nissen is the guide — and there’s a star-studded rifle team of Pete Carr, Jost Arnold, Johannes Röhl and Gary Sharp. Can we see four stalks to a successful conclusion?

And back in the UK, we’ve put together a Shooting Show news special detailing all the hottest new releases from the weekend’s CLA Game Fair – plus a flavour of the atmosphere at Blenheim, and the insider’s perspective from the organisers on what goes in to this essential event. Don’t miss it.


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  1. Carr – you really are spineless to block my comments.You  afraid you'll lose an argument?
    Your just a thick gamekeeper!

  2. As an American viewer of the program who has never been exposed to the nuisances of the British accent, could you please ask the wonderful young woman who reads the news to slow her commentary down just a little. With an untrained ear it's hard to distinguish some of her words. I am asking for your benevolence in this matter as we are still learning the language over here and need all the help we can get. Thank you. 

  3. Tried Geco ammo and found it unreliable – I think it's cut price RWS but of course RWS is a lot better.  Deer Hunter clothing is overpriced and of poor quality.  I tried a pair of trousers and they lasted 3 times after washing before falling apart.  I think Eley cartridges are fine quality.  Swarorski optics are outstanding but Zeiss and Leupold do 99.9% as well for a lot less.  If you are on a budget then Nikon are really great.  I would love to see some other shows featuring other kit and maybe an issue on reloading but I guess it won't happen with all that rather hardcore product placement.  Saying all that the staff do produce a decent show and they need their sponsors of course.

  4. There have been a number of comments recently on the appearance of sponsors in the show. Of course, the show is sponsored – it's the only way it can continue to exist. But we are committed to using proper, varied and overall interesting kit on the show, whether it comes from a sponsor or not. If a potential sponsor approached us to use a piece of equipment that we didn't think was up to the task, we wouldn't use it. Simple as that.
    Comments that our shows have become 'commercials' are some way off the mark. Unlike many, we give a lot of thought to how and where our sponsors and kit are depicted. You won't find us slapping logos where they have no relevance, or singing the praises of something without knowledge of how it really works. Everything is shown as it should be, used in the field by professionals, in the way that's most interesting for the viewers i.e. working in the field. 
    We have a wide variety of equipment in the show at many different price ranges – some aspirational, some affordable. For anyone who wants to learn more or find a retailer where they can buy something featured in the show, we include the model and contact details in a stamp at the bottom of the screen. We've done this for lots of non-sponsors too – it's not a money-grabbing exercise but a way of enhancing the experience for the viewers.
    Our show is based on shooting at its best: credible, knowledgeable subjects at their work, using the proper kit for the job and getting some damn exciting footage while they're at it. We've always gone for substance over style – as a result, we have a very savvy audience who will instantly see through any 'dressing up' of inferior footage or kit. We don't do that – we keep it real, believable and in the field.
    All that said, if you truly can't accept the inclusion of sponsors in any form, then you are welcome to stop watching the show, which of course all viewers are free to do at any time. However, please don't spoil the experience of our many happy viewers with needless sniping in the comments section. This is a free show for likeminded sportsmen and women. All the very best from TSS team.

  5. You should also show the skinning and butchering of your quarry. It would be interesting and nice to see the animal provide more than a target. 
    nice to see a new location on the SS. When are you coming to Australia for a water buffalo or Sambar?

  6. Interesting shooting in Greenland, I am wondering about what other game is available there.
    Nice looking new shot guns at the fair,…I wuld have liked to have been there.
    Thanks again Peter et al.

  7. Would like to know , what happened next re the musk oxen were shot – skinned, eaten, quartered for the freezer, or simply left for carrion?

    On the CLA report: surely there were far more many interesting stands / products than those of your prime sponsors….'cause this obvious bias is getting a bit long in the tooth.

  8. Dear Janey,
    It is always a pleasure to meet readers, viewers and like minded sportsmen at the shows. The CLA was fantastic this year despite me being a little jetlagged.
    I hope you and your other half enjoyed it as much as me.
    Yes we caped all four of the musk ox bull's and had to pack both the trophies and the jointed meat out – hard work but fulfilling nevertheless.
    Musk ox tastes great if its a young animal. It's about midway between beef and mutton in flavour. However after a week of it I was happy to get stuck into some Arctic charr for a change when we turned to the fishing.
    ATB Pete

  9. Oh Petey or is it now – "Hey there Muskie!"
    Lovely to meet all the gang at the CLA. 
    Your a bit of cheeky scamp Muskie! Especially when my hubby was there!
    I sorry for an earlier comment I made. I didn't realise you had the gay vote covered by the little bald man on your stand. Respect to the Shooting Show! 
    Looking forward to seeing more women & more people from ethic backgrounds on the show.

    Your hunt looked fun! What did the Oxes score – CIC or otherwise. Did you have them caped? More importantly, do they taste good to eat?


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