There's NO GAMES Right Now and I Don't Know What To Play in This Gaming Drought


A TALK ABOUT THE GAMING DROUGHT. What are you playing right now? Can be on Xbox, ps4 or Nintendo Switch besides fortnite and apex legends.

Looking For Small Youtubers like myself for Collabs and potential growth. Specifically Youtubers with excellent editing skills and professional content! Message if interested!

“Say Bro how do you Record Gameplay on Xbox, PS4 and Nintendo Switch man like how?” Step 1. Go to Amazon and get you an Elgato
– Step 2. Record – Step 3. Go Viral

Broke AF? I Got You! Check out These Affordable Gaming Headsets on Amazon!

If You Don’t Have a Scuff Or Elite Controller IDK what you’re doing?
Different options on Amazon, Choose one and Start Destroying!

How do I have all these Games? Simple, just get a bigger Hard Drive lmao! Seriously though it sucks deleting games you don’t want deleted.

I know what you’re thinking. You’re thinking what microphone should i get and how TF am i gonna afford it? Well idk how you gonna afford it but ill show you where to look.

You might as well sell your old xbox one and get yourself the Xbox One X because why Not? Ball TF Out!

Music By: Graffic Beats

Instagram: Durongaming

Twitch: Duron_Gaming

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  1. I'm playing Mortal kombat X gears of war gears of war 2 gears of war 3 gears of war 4 destiny Halo master cheif collection

  2. I think your right bro there isnt any good games anymore in 2019 Also if your new to his vids Sub and like he is a great streamer so plz do it

  3. How about gears of war 4 we can play together and it's me the person u played with yesterday HaughtyCandy1 XxTacoBoyXx


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