Top 5 CARRY Mistakes EVERYONE Makes – Here's How to STOP – Best Core Tips – Dota 2 Pro Guide


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  2. Around 3k mmr game where i am stuck, i have watched your video and i try to understand most of things, but now i am literally playing 1v 9 game, show us how to get out of this bracket and which server wld be better

  3. it would be great if you could generate subtitles in Portuguese for the videos, in Brazil we don't have this type of content. I believe that if you had the subtitle option many Brazilians watched it. can I help create the subtitle for the videos

  4. Can anyone show the link to the artwork in the start? I pressed the Kunkka deviantart it doesn't seem to show it there.

  5. I subscribed to gameleap 2 days ago
    I am currently in archon bracket
    There is useful info on the site for sure .
    I just hope i get out of the 3k bracket soon

  6. I really love how speed teaches here in gameleap, im 1.9k mmr when i started watching gameleap, now im already 4k mmr, Thank you speed 🙂
    if i could only afford to sign up in gameleap, i would 🙁

  7. If i had the mony to watch you vodeo i would first buy battle pass.dont take me wrong you videoes are great but watching them without sound is so disrespect.

  8. Pretty sure not sea server ( no one used "?" after winning a gank), pls use sea server legend – actual place legends live

  9. Hey speed ur roastings are so freaking good its makes me laugh so hard AHAHAH love your videos man keep up the good work 🙂

  10. At the end of the day all of these guilds mean nothing when you have teammates that doesnt know how to last hit and chase a kill with ursa under tower at lvl2

  11. What exactly is the range and cool down for pulling creep aggro. Sometimes I try to do it and the creeps don't move

  12. I feel frustrated trying to explain these concepts in game or trying to have them understand how they could be playing more efficient.

  13. I have no idea what happened but recently everyone uses creep aggro. Like… i am archon and I just dont get it :D. Half a year ago I was only one to use it in a lot of games.


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