Treadmarks gaming on a Lenovo s10-3t


My Lenovo s10-3t is the Windows 7 Home Premium, 1.83 ghz processor, 2GBs of Ram, and 250 GB hard drive version, recently bought directly from lenovo so all drivers are current.

This is a video I captured, using Fraps, of Treadmarks playing on the Lenovo s10-3t. Once it installed it runs without the CD. Video was captured to the same drive so framerate probably suffered some due to capturing.

It ran at 640 x 480, though I also ran it at 800 x 600 with no noticeable drop in framerate. While capturing the video, frames dropped to as low as 9 per second. During normal gameplay fps were 15 – 22 frames per second, but without fraps capturing gameplay felt perfectly fine. At lowest settings I was able to get around 30 fps.

I wanted to see what kind of games it could run and was pleasantly surprised. Treadmarks is an older game with low system requirements but still some good casual fun. The graphics aren’t next gen but look good for a pc without a dedicated graphics card and memory.

On the go, I now know I can play some games with my s10-3t. Not Transformers: War for Cybertron or Section 8, but something more than just a flash game or Solitaire.


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