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In Tribbit, players must sort their frog’s classy characteristics. The object is to be the first player to arrange his or her frog cards into five sets of three according to matching traits. One player shuffles and deals 16 cards facedown to each player. Once all players have 16 cards, they turn over their cards and begin sorting according to the frog’s traits shown on the cards: vest, hat, mustache, shirt, cane, glasses, pocket watch, and bow tie. Players race to arrange their cards into five unique sets, each containing three cards featuring a common trait. For example, three cards of frogs holding canes or three cards of frogs wearing bow ties. You may not have two sets of the same trait. One card will be left over after the five sets have been created.

The first player to create five unique sets shouts “Tribbit!”, and all other players stop arranging their cards. The first player names the matching traits in each set, and if the player has correctly created and identified five sets of three traits, he collects two tokens from the center pile. If the sets are not correct, that player is out of the round while the other players continue to create five sets of matching traits.

Once the first player has won his two tokens, he immediately turns over the timer. The remaining players have 30 seconds to complete their sets. After 30 seconds, the players who were able to complete their sets and name their matching traits out loud collect one token.

To begin a new round, each player selects the center card from each set they’ve created and passes them to the player on the left. All players shuffle their new assortment of cards and a new round begins.

The first player to collect five tokens is the winner.

Tribbit comes with 112 cards, 25 tokens, a token pouch, a timer, and instructions. The game is for two to six players.


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