Trove's End Game : Episode 13 : Fae Trickster @31.2k PR (Trove Xbox One)


Hello there it’s been a while…I think, this time is another Trove End Game episode and this time it’s the Fae and let me tell you the Fae it’s pretty insane for u10 dungeon grinding and I’ll tell you why in this video.

Enjoy the vid and I hope you learn something!

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  1. Time Stamps:

    @ 11:26 – How I describe the basic attack's momentum
    @ 17:58 – Trove Servers are great
    @ 21:31 – Into the Deep Changes

  2. Would you like the gear and gem section as a separate video or together as it's always been?

    Try not replying to this comment in particular and thumbs up on the one that you'd like to see.


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