Vancouver Canucks vs. Chicago Blackhawks – April 29, 1982 – The "White Towel" Game | NHL Classics


Relive Game 2 from the 1982 Clarence Campbell Conference Final, the infamous “white towel” game, where the two teams combined for over 185 penalty minutes.

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  1. Brings back so many great memories! Great Blackhawks footage, from much easier and simple times , love the old Chicago Stadium, my buds and went every Sunday to the game , 730 puck drop, fun times.

  2. I remember that game..I was in grade 11 in Nanaimo bc..that was an amazing year…even game one of the finals was amazing. WWG1WGA

  3. Vancouver was 11-2 in the playoffs before getting swept in the SC Finals. Brodeur got a lot of credit as he should but Vancouver's offense did more than their share of scoring too.

  4. Как болеют, приятно наверное было играть в такой обстановке, Круто Гуд 👍💪

  5. I was at this game. the Hawks lost the next three games and the Series to the Canucks 4-1. There was no place like Chicago Stadium. The rink was built almost straight up so there wasn't a bad seat, even in the 2nd balcony. It had a metal ceiling so the noise would just bounce around and reverberate through the place. The United Center is nice, but the Stadium was like no place else.


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