WARRIORS vs RAPTORS | Unbelievable Finish at Scotiabank Arena | NBA Finals Game 5


The Golden State Warriors have forced a Game 6 as they defeated the Toronto Raptors by a final score of 106-105. Stephen Curry recorded a game-high 31 points (10-23 FG, 5-14 3pt FG), along with 8 rebounds and 7 assists to lead the Warriors in the victory. The Raptors lead this best-of-seven series, 3-2, with Game 6 set to take place in Oakland on Thursday, June 13th at 9:00pm ET on ABC.

Game 6 🏀: Raptors vs Warriors 📅: June. 13, 9:00pm/et :📺: ABC

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  1. This just goes to show if KD never left OKC an just was patient for another year or two they no doubt would of beat Golden State. An his ring would actually have meant something.

  2. that 9-0 run at the end just shows you how much heart the Warriors had. Lost KD, on the road, Kawhi major hot, the series should be over but naw.

  3. If KD was healthy the entire series, Warriors sweep the Raptors. Had he never gotten hurt in Game 5, Warriors would of came back from 3-1 down and would of 3peated. If Klay never got hurt, It's also a wrap.

  4. Damn this game still stresses me out as a Warriors fan. Even though we lost the series this was an awesome win!

  5. Raptors fans are real ill mannered for cheering so badly for their team to the point when kd or maybe whoever goes down . And in game 6 kawhi is grinning like a wolf when klay went back to the court to shoot after injury. And kawhi infront of media " showing class" they say ? No hes got no class in reality, just playing to be one but he cant fool anyone on portraying he has a class, no way!

  6. Looking back it it wasn't actually bad the fans were happy someone got hurt especially a snake ass mfer … The same way the warriors fans were happy and booing kawhi back in 2017 when they purposely injured him because they couldn't stop him . It's always fuked up when ur on the side of it but when it happens to someone else u can care less … Karma is a btc

  7. It really was a shame the no. of injuries warriors had by the end of season, Cousins out for majority of the season including the initial final games, KD out for the finals, Klay being injured in the 6th game. Raptors were great but I doubt Warriors would have lost with the full team.

  8. if lowry pump faked on draymond or even bounce passed to gasol at the buzzer, or if vanvleet passed to danny green on the opposite wing at the buzzer, raptors in 5 baby! But obviously that didnt happen

  9. look im not a warriors fan so dont call me a fanboy you toxic kids but kawhi did get a lot of ft even tho there were some calls that were bs and back in the 76ers vs raps game 7 at the last second you can see kawhi travel look dont get mad at me im a pistons fan

  10. Its so annoying how the raptors fans cheer when KD gets injured but then start chanting his name, like you already were cheering dont start chanting his name like you didnt do anything wrong. Pathetic.


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