What is CAGR? Compound Annual Growth Rate explained with Insurance example by CA Rachana Ranade


Learn what is CAGR? How to calculate CAGR and what is the CAGR formula? also, learn how #CAGR is calculated in #Excel. CA Rachana has explained how to calculate CAGR of a #Insurance.
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  1. For a representative figure for say a sales growth over a period of 5 years, cant we simply calculate the average growth over that period? Wont that be that a representative figure?

  2. Such a profound thought. To share your knowledge, and empower others is a sign of a special being . You are my new favorite human. Thankyou

  3. Hi Mam,
    Firstly i would like to thank you for making such a informative videos in finance… Yes as you said definitely we will share your videos with our friends…

    Instead of confusing with that formula we can calculate CAGR using Rate function in excel where in it asks same like fv pv nper(year). Please ignore pmt as it is a one time investment.

  4. I loved ur vedio…It gives more confidence to invest in stock market…I become fearless after gaining so much knowledge…

  5. Brilliantly explained in simplest possible way, love your content keep these videos coming and please cover more basic concepts like Cagr, Roec, roi

  6. I'm daily spending maximum one-hour everyday to learn one by one. It's going amazing so far 👌👌. Hopefully by end of this lockdown and all. I'm damn sure that I'll have enough knowledge on finance department 🙏🏼

    Thanks a lot yA 🙏🏼

  7. Hello Rachana, thank you for all your videos and good luck for your future videos. They are invaluable to me. Very very hard to find English channel about investment in Indian, I can see your channel will recieve a lot of interest in North East India, where majority of us (except Assam and partly Tripura) do not understand Hindi enough to make good use of the language (though we are progressing bit by bit, it will take few more years from my point of view) Contents are exceptionally good, the passion with which you teach, the way you present and many more are too, we even have to take our pen and papers out a few times now already. Your channel is my best discovery for me as far as Finance / investment and everything money for that matter is concerned. Right from the beginning I knew I was going to like your channel a lot, and I sure do. Lastly, I am joining your channel soon, you have got so many videos that I have to finish first, hope that's not unfair. Some I have to watch over and over, weeks after weeks to really grasp them. Your channel is like my classroom, with my own set of timings, with the most passionate teacher that I can carry with me wherever I go. Thanks thanks.

  8. Aap kamaal ho….I am a maths lover myself, It's commendable how beautifully you have balanced the content of video….!! Respect 👍👍

  9. After watching you, I have now understood how to calculate CAGR in excel. I really have no words to thank you for doing such videos. Pl keep this good work going. You will earn sincear blessings of countless country men. Thanks once again


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