Where are the big games? – A gaming drought!


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  1. Where's the re-review of Naval Action (mentioned at the end of the video)? I would like to know the reaction of the developer ;-).

  2. I agree Mac I'm just waiting until next month for Borderlands 3. I have so much faith in the franchise and they had loads of time to dial it in for fun, graphics and story.

  3. I know when theres no games worth looking into because your channel doesnt show up in my feed anymore. I dont watch your tower defense indie game stuff because im just not interested in them.

  4. 1:52 I used to do this in Garry's Mod and Minecraft.
    Name a bunch of villagers and shove em down to the incinerator!!

  5. Feminist parasites have no loyalty to video games or companies. If one does shuts down, they'll move onto the next. Look at comics for the future of video games. Comics, an industry that will probably be dead in a few years. Your solution is to allow them to destroy games just like with comics? Yeah, if the industry is dead I guess they will leave it alone. It's everywhere, dude. Video games, movies, music, even TV commercials. You want to destroy all entertainment just so feminists can't ruin it? Never in history has the world's stability, or at least its pop culture, been held hostage at gunpoint by weaponized women.

  6. Indies have been the only ones releasing real games. Fuck the big companies, they have nothing to offer anymore but propaganda and skinner boxes

  7. Just waiting for rebel galaxy to come out. Other than that I just play squad or insurgency. No big games as of late are really interesting.

  8. This is the first time since the Amstrad CPC that I have been without a computer. There's been nothing to grip or excite me for over a year so I flogged the lot. Both hardware manufacturers and software vendors are in it for the money and nothing else. The tides have changed and I'm going on land for now

  9. E3 has gotten more and more ridiculous each year. All they do is show us CGI trailers for games coming out the following year or beyond that! It's a colossal joke! The whole industry has gone to shit now. I used to buy 5+ games a year. Lately, I've barely been looking forward to 1 or 2 – and even with them, I wait until it's near launch to make sure they didn't screw it up. And, of course, 90% of the time they DO screw it up!


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